The Banks Family Foundation


The Banks Family Foundation provides grants to organizations and agencies located in Northern Alameda Country. The Foundation is interested in providing funding for programs that directly serve the health, education and welfare of youth.

The Foundation does not consider applications that:

  • Request funding for an individual or family
  • Request funding for capital campaigns
  • Request funding for special events/trainings

Download Guidelines & Application: Guide_App.pdf

  1. All new grant requests are limited to organizations located in Oakland, California.
  2. All applicants must have tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.
  3. The Foundation's focus is on programs that benefit the health, education and welfare of children in Oakland, California.
  4. Grants may range from a few hundred dollars up to $15,000. In unique circumstances, we would consider a more significant grant for a program having a major impact in our areas of interest.
  5. The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals or applications. Letter of inquiry will be reviewed.
  6. The Foundation does not fund grants to individuals, grants for capital campaigns, nor grants for fundraising efforts.
  7. Organizations are limited to two grants in three calendar years.
  8. Grant disbursements are scheduled to be made twice yearly in June and December.
  9. Applications should be sent to: Banks Family Foundation, P.O. Box 10287, Oakland, CA 94610
  10. Applications should include a brief description of the organization including names of officers and board members; a copy of the most recent financial statements; a copy of the IRS 501 (c) (3) ruling; a description and budget for the funding request.
Banks Family Foundation - Oakland, California